MLR - 25

The fusion of agility & comfort
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Plug in. Power up.
ride on.

Pick your color.

Choose from a diverse range of shades for your dream ride.
Pure white
Stand out on the road with this
elegant shade.
Stand out on the road with this
elegant shade.
Stand out on the road with this
elegant shade.

Responsibly stylish.

The allure of royal blue and robust ABS body comes together so you can ride with flair and care.

Premium look. Maximum Performance.

Telescopic Hydraulic Suspension

Enjoy a smooth and stress-free ride experience. Say goodbye to shocks and absorptions on the road.

180 mm Duel Disc Brakes

Zip through the city at full speed and come to a smooth halt, no matter the road.

Elevate your wildest adventures.

Take your everyday to new heights of fast, fun and thrill.

Convenience meets comfort.

Body Type – ABS Plastic

Rocking a body type – ABS plastic, it is as tough as it is good looking.


When an unknown printer took a galley of type and scrambled it to make a type specimen book.

Unlock new levels of performance.

Time to switch gears and experience a ride like no other.

Convenience meets comfort.

All the room for your gear.

Ultra spacious storage room for all your needs on the go.

Fast-charging battery and sensor

Never miss to take off the side stand again.

Meet your ride's best friends.

Make every journey feel like a breeze with our range of must-have accessories.


Stay safe and stylish on the road.


Equip yourself with top-quality maintenance tools.

Seat cover

Give the best protection to your ride.

Charging cable

High-quality charging cables for various charging stations and adapters.

Easy on your pockets.

Dream pricing option for your dream ride.
Top Speed
70 KM ~ 100 KM
Charging Time
4.0 Hrs
Battery Power
250 Watts
Ground Clearance

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